Alluxia is a frameless LED panel light with its flexibility in multiple circumstances such as embedding, ceiling mounting and suspension. With the use of multiple modules, Alluxia can be joined to create an uninterrupted, continuous brightness. Alluxia is elegantly suitable for the mimic skylight by simulating the movement of our atmosphere. Also, the color temperature shifts from cool to warm with natural daylight of sunrise to sunset. We bring the astonishing color of daylight into indoor lighting. The brightness of light change through daytime, create ideal natural sunshine period for high latitude area, which reduce the winter depression. By using the technology from LCD-TV backlights, Alluxia is able to creates anti-glare lighting (UGR=16) for greater comfort to the human eye. Whether it be a office, commercial, or home, the Alluxia frameless and the ultra-thin design not only enable the light fixture to blend with any surround environments but create diversify options for indoor lighting.

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