Airy Light Series consist of various machine cut panels that are extruded into three dimensional panels by hand allowing control of openings created by extrusion. Even though lamps are machine cut, hand extrusion allows every lamp to be slightly different similarly to nature where no cloud is ever the same. The cut pattern also functions to release the hot air from within the light.

Every panel connects to each other with an interlocking system. Airy Lights are sold flat packed and partial assembly is required. The detailed and easy to follow instructions are enclosed with each light.

Airy Light changes appearance from day to night. During the daytime when the light is off, the shade appears bright white with curvaceous bubble outline. When the light is turned on, the appearance instantly changes; uniform white transforms into the pattern of shadows and light. Moving around the light reveals and conceals the light bulb similarly to sun rays beaming through moving clouds.

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