The Aerelight A1 OLED lamp was inspired by cutting edge technology, but designed for simplicity. The contemporary design included consideration of both the physical form and human interaction. The goal of this product was to bring innovative, energy-efficient OLED technology out of research labs and into your hands. The slim, almost invisible, profile of the lamp is only possible with OLED, evoking curiosity in the user about the light source. Handcrafted in Canada using premium materials, the precise angles in the anodized aluminum frame provide maximum illumination while providing visual balance. The Aerelight A1 is accented with American walnut wood, providing a warm contrast to the durable Aluminum frame. Where the physical form ends and technology begins is indistinguishable. The base conceals a wireless charger for compatible mobile devices. The touch activation is sensitive anywhere on the metal frame, allowing control of three brightness levels. This was inspired by OLED which is characterized by low heat emission, making it a ‘touchable’ light source. The carbon-based materials used in OLED lighting are sustainable and contain no toxic metals such as mercury and lead.

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