1. Design concept: Ingeniously combing the smart home lighting system with the light guide plate.

2. Product function & feature:
(1) Design of the light guide plate: each piece of plate can be controlled separately. Switchable by random or entirely.
(2) Dimmable and color adjustable. The hexagon area in the middle of the product is night-lights, which is adjustable brightness separately. The 3 pieces of plates can dimming or CCT at the same time, but turn on or off individually. A Infrared transceiver module is installed in the chamber of the night-lights. It’s the receiver of infrared remote control command, while it could control other IR electrical appliances.
(3) Smart eye protect. Imported SAMSUNG LEDS, no flicker, no visible light source, no blue light extrasavation. Through the test of EU optical biosafety identification.

3.Implementation: Controlled by infrared remote or wall switch.

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