Tischmanier – Table Manners
It is about time too – for a modular kitchen, for a kitchen that suit today’s requirements.
You can take this literally. Your kitchen changes – with you – when and how you like.
We have worked meticulously, designed concepts and developed 15 months long, so that we could bring furniture onto the market and to the point, which grows with you, which adjusts to life, and is as changeable as a relationship status or a hairstyle: Furniture to take with you when you find a new flat, which can be easily assembled, rebuilt and extended, which can be configured by anyone, is produced in Germany and is affordable. Furniture which can only be bought online, which is delivered at the speed of light and is beautiful. Within nine days.
You can only buy Tischmanier online – at last it is really easy to configure your own kitchen on the Internet, because the time has finally come to make kitchens available on the Web.
You can take a look at Tischmanier www.tischmanier.com and also in-house at the heart of the kitchen industry – in East Westphalia, in our showrooms in Bünde, Bielefeld, Berlin and Munster.
At our place; Freiraum14 GmbH – with the Tischmanier brand.

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