TILLREDA induction hob, designed by Klara Petersén from People People, is a product we love! It fulfills the five dimensions of democratic design. SUSTAINABILITY: Induction cooking offers the responsiveness and control of gas and the heating power of electricity – but with less wasted heat. Making it better for the planet. FORM: Sleek and unexpectedly beautiful, TILLREDA is an appliance to showcase next to your iPad full of recipes! QUALITY: Stable and portable, this freestanding plug-in hob can be used for everyday cooking for years to come. FUNCTION: A portable hob gives you the flexibility to cook anywhere you have a power supply. It features 9 power levels for everything from boiling water to simmering a stew. The simply-designed control panel also makes getting the right settings easy. It features a wire-hook cable storage that doubles as a carrying handle. And it is designed with built-in keyholes so it can hang vertically along a kitchen rail to save precious counter space when not in use. LOW PRICE: At a breathtaking €39, TILLREDA makes energy-saving induction cooking technology affordable for the many without compromising on design, functionality or quality!

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