Robam 9B09 gas stove is an intelligent one that carries Robam 3D flame 2.0 burner. Having overturned the traditional operation manner by using rotary knob, 9B09 adopts touch key of electronic control, and it could control and display five grades of firepower accurately. On the one hand, the display manner to electronic screen allows users no longer need to bend down for watching firepower on the bottom of the pot; on the other hand, the glass panel on the stove is more smooth and easier to clean. During washing pot or filling dish, Chinese users need to turn the firepower down for ensuring energy conservation and security. Based on this habit, 9B09 has set the function of “firepower gets strong while the pot is on stove, firepower turns down while the pot leaves stove” specially, so that the problem from users can be solved. This function is realized through triggering the hidden microswitch by stainless steel thimble, being equipped with humanization and security. There are 112 fire holes on the stove burner. By controlling the direction of fire holes through 45°and 60°bevels, the stove could heat pot bottom more evenly, and meanwhile it makes the burner possess perfect appearance

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