This gas hob with 5 burners is part of ATAG’s Matrix range of accessible cooking equipment. Developed especially for cooking enthusiasts, it is user centered, robust and honest. It has a flat base architecture; only the control panel is slightly tilted towards the user. The pan support is inspired by professional kitchens. It supports all types of pots and pans, maximizes the cooking area and its flexibility of use. The enamel and flex enamel on base and support are of the highest quality, durable and very easy to clean. ATAG is proud to apply this traditional material in a modern way. Its black is a stylish alternative and combines well with the other Graphite Black line products. The control knobs are similar as the knobs of the oven series. Their tactile design enables users to operate the gas hob instinctively. The multifunctional Super Vario wok burner ranges from 4,6 kW high heat to a simmer setting of just 0.2 kW. Its layout with the wok burner on the left is a proven ATAG approach to free up the cooking area. The ATAG burners on the right are distanced from each other for maximum pan space. The burners are very efficient, easy to handle and have a cleaner combustion.

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