The “Eclair” is a well designed, efficient and locally produced contemporary charcoal cookstove for Beninese households. Like more than three billion people worldwide, over 80% of the population in Benin/West Africa use coal and wood for cooking causing major health and environmental hazards. The innovative stove design reduces charcoal consumption by 30%, cooking time by 20% and CO-emissions almost by half compared to traditional charcoal stoves. The stove was developed in cooperation with local craftsmen and households to ensure that it corresponds to cooking habits, aesthetics and production capabilities. It is serially manufactured in a network of small, decentralised workshops and sold via their existing distribution channels at markets. This supports the local economy and is price efficient ensuring that the product (ca.6€) remains affordable for the user. The clear design, the fuel savings and the reduced cooking time make Eclair a popular and widely sold product.
The Éclair stove shows that locally aware design can help to popularise products and hereby can help to solve global problems.

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