This is an electric stove with one induction burner and a free induction zone. There are three free induction burners, and a smart sensor automatically detects the size of cookware to set the burner size. Each burner has five chef modes for distinct types of cooking. With the MIRADUR coated SCHOTT CERAN which is more shock-resistant, scratch-resistant than ordinary SCHOTT CERAN, it is more durable. Also, metallic gloss from MIRADUR makes kitchen beautiful forever.
The tracked design was developed as a part of Coway’s unique identity and differentiates us from other companies while adding convenience for users. Other companies use a rectangular design for their free induction zones, even though using round shape cookware is frequent. So Coway’s induction is designed with tracked lines to increase cookware usability, and this helps establish Coway’s design identity.
The controls are intuitive icons to increase usability. Burner heat can be fine-tuned from level 1-9 with a single touch.
Crucial buttons like power, pause, and lock are separate so they are quickly recognizable.

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