Pyragranite Pyrros, the innovative new – concept sink, brought to you by Pyramis, has a granite body with clean, soft lines, combined with a spacious 50x40cm deep stainless steel bowl with 50mm corner radii. Pyrros is an innovative sink of unique design and exceptional appeal for a whole new kitchen experience, that Pyramis is launching in 2018.

Pyragranite Composition
The pyragranite body of Pyrros sink consists of 80% natural quartz (silica), while the remaining 20% of the mixture consists of resins and other substances that assist in binding. Mold, stains and unpleasant smells are often caused by bacteria. Pyragranite homogenous, without pores, surface prevents the bacteria accumulation making the sink cleaner and safer.

Stainless Steel Bowl
PYRAMIS uses traditionally the best quality performance Stainless Steel material AISI 304. This type of stainless steel contains a significant amount of chromium (18%), and sufficient nickel (10%) to «stabilise» the microstructure, giving to these steel goods formability and ductility, resistance in corrosion in normal household conditions.

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