The majority of faucets on the market at present are made of metal/brass. These metal faucets are higher priced and may also release heavy metals into the water through normal use. These heavy metals can, in turn, introduce toxins into the water, which could accumulate inside the human body affecting health.
Easywell have now launched the ZWDF-1002 lead-free faucet, which can resolve the problems caused by traditional brass faucets. The ZWDF-1002 is made at a lower cost and the non-toxic materials and lead-free interior parts ensure that it is impossible for heavy metals to be released into the water for a better peace of mind. In addition, the ZWDF-1002 raises the product CP value making it a much more competitive offering.
Features of the ZWDF-1002 faucet:
1.Using food grade non-toxic plastic material parts for interior water contact areas means there is no possibility for the release of heavy metals into the water .2.Ultra-quiet precision ceramic shaft design, giving improved operation and a long service life. 3.The simple design with a small footprint means it can be installed, easily and fashionably, in a limited space.

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