Art in Motion
Sculptural, innovative and in a class of its own: KWC ZOE brings together all of KWC’s kitchen expertise in a single faucet. The result of this successful synthesis of functional variety, organic design and a fascinating interplay of water and light is a unique, unparalleled masterpiece. From every angle, KWC ZOE reveals new
aspects of its distinctive character and demonstrates what it is that makes it such a groundbreaking style icon in the world of faucet design.

Pull-out spray
The spray, which is integrated flush in the spout, can be pulled out by up to 50 cm. High-quality metallic casing extends the service life of the pull-out hose.

Two types of jet
It is easy to switch between Neoperl® jet and needle spray at the touch of a button.

Turn And Clean and JETCLEAN
Easy cleaning of the spray (Turn And Clean) and effective protection against limescale (JETCLEAN), all in one

LED light
The LUMINAQUA® LED function light can be operated using an ON/OFF membrane button integrated in the pull-out spray. It switches off automatically after 30 minutes.
LED: long-lasting and economical
Long lifespan, ultra-low energy consumption – LEDs consume around five times less energy than conventional light bulbs.

Sophisticated lever design
The delicate yet robust lever blends discreetly into the background thanks to its dark colour and underlines the functional qualities of KWC ZOE. The water flow rate and temperature can be controlled with this ergonomic and pleasantly tactile lever, which moves extremely smoothly and is intuitive to use. Cold water flows when the lever is in the front position, while moving the lever into a central position (KWC ZOE lettering) produces a mixed water flow. The ideal solution for ensuring safety with children in mind

Smooth joins
Precise transitions and joins make the faucet particularly easy to clean.

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