It is the first ozone faucet with internal design that delivers ozonized water in the world. The ozone is nature’s safe anti-microbial disinfectant leaving no residue and reducing the need for cleaning material. We all presently use the faucet water to prepare food and for cleaning purposes but how effective is this? It is marginally better than doing nothing at all. Now utilizing the ozonized water you can safely remove the pesticides from food and kill 99.9% of common food borne bacteria such as Ecoli and Salmonella.
Providing quality filtered water for drinking and use by the family is achieved using the unique design of this faucet which allows the user to have the filtered water delivered independently through a dedicated spout to ensure that no cross contamination can occur between the filtered drinking water and the ozone water.
With our patented technology, we safely combine the faucet with an ozone generator for the mixing of ozone water to approved standards such as WRAS, WaterMark, NSF and CE.
The ozone kitchen faucet provides us all with a better and healthier lifestyle. This is not only a beautiful kitchen faucet but it is a faucet with performance and benefits.

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