The JF162 is a water purifying faucet designed to notify proper time for drinking and food preparation with LED light. There will probably be remaining bacterium or viruses in the waterline. Therefore, it’s better off to drain away the water for a little while. When the discharge is done, the LED light starts flashing green, which means that it’s the good time to use. If the light turns yellow, it means a user has to replace the filter cartridge in two weeks for more effective use and safety reasons. If it turns red, it stands for “change the battery”. This product has not only its LED performance, also has the touch sensor for ON / OFF instead of a handle or a lever. Everybody can easily operate this faucet, resulting in saving water . The design is based on cylinder and smooth. It’s very easy to get rid of stains or dirt out of a faucet surface. For the most part, it corresponds to many kinds of kitchen models.

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