Intra Eligo is a new and unique kitchen sink concept from Intra in a Scandinavian design. The design is clean without visual noise and has a balanced softness/ hardness with a tension. The bowl has an exciting conical shape with bigger radius in the lower corners than in the upper.

Eligo has innovative, smart and practical functions. Touch controls for opening/closing the waste, lifting the bottom scraper (for garbage removal) and opening the water for the dishwasher (3 or 12h). A flexible wall allows the user to use one big bowl or divide it into two separate. Also other practical 2-component plastic accessories are included in the concept. All accessories with soft details for a soft feeling, sound-damping and stability in use. Colander, Cutlery basket and Chopping board with a living hinge in the middle for full or half size use.

With Intra Eligo we are expressing contrasts. in design; soft and sharper radiuses. And in materials; soft and hard surfaces. We are also using modern technology by using piezo touch through the stainless steel, giving us a clean design, a product easy to clean and new functionalities.

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