Danze Wave is a digital controlled mixer tap which can be used in kitchens, bars and other spaces. Its design language of minimalism reflects simple, elegant and stylish. The unique handle style inspired by the butter knife which is relevant to the kitchenware. The advanced technology Smart Sense can detect user’s motion to deliver water. It is not only user-friendly, use water conveniently, but also eco-friendly, save water efficiently. You can even say that it is the most efficient way to help mitigate the germs spreading. In addition, the tap features many desired technologies to enhance human’s experience of water usage. The LED Lights on the spray head can aid illumination in the lightless space. The Magnetic Docking on the spout tip can improve the retraction of pulled down hose. And the Manual Override on the handle can operate the tap intuitively without guide. Thanks to the latest manufacturing technology, hydro-forming, implements this beautiful sleek design realization. Wave mixer tap is made of recyclable stainless steel and brass with Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings, which can protect the product surface to against corrosion and antimicrobial.

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