Swan is the first fruit of Hansa’s collaboration with the “Italian Design Factory” known the world over for its iconic objects. ALESSI Swan communicates in a new fashion with the familiar gestures we use in everyday life. Ideally drawing their inspiration from the elegance of swans, its organic forms reflect the designer’s capacity to produce industrial objects of extraordinary beauty, made to the highest standards of quality and superior performance. ALESSI Swan by HANSA is the most advanced solution for all homes where the kitchen plays a key role. From the functional standpoint, the faucet ensures perfect control on water flow, with a maximum flow rate of 12 litres per minute. Temperature control is by means of a LED that lights up when the temperature reaches 32 °C and emits a red light that illuminates the interior of a lever featuring an embossed finish. Thanks to a press pad, the faucet can be turned on remotely; this is a handy feature when your hands are full and it ensures a flow of 5 litres per minute. In its complete version, the faucet also has an easy-to-use extractable hand spray for washing the dishes, which turns off automatically when it is returned to its housing

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