The Watch&Touch oven is equipped with the Total Control Screen. The door becomes a real command panel: a full 19” touch screen with user-friendly interface allows you to command, control and supervise every stage of the cooking process. The integrated door camera provides an optimal view of the interior of the cavity and a close-up of the dishes being cooked.
Thanks to Candy simply-Fi connectivity technology, users can also monitor the cooking remotely from tablet or smartphone.
Cooking has never been so easy, thanks to the video-recipes that can be viewed on the door of the oven: “live teaching” tutorials allow users to follow step-by-step the preparation of their menus; at the end of the video the oven is pre-set to cook the recipes just realized. There are more than 70 cooking programs suggesting the best combination of options to cook your favourite dish. Through Personal Programmes, you can create your own library containing your preferred cooking programs.
The Watch&Touch Oven is truly high-end with its premium features and iconic design: clean and without knobs, is in line with the stylistic features of Candy, adapting to the contemporary kitchen.

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