Since the 1990s, Aurlia’s stoves have been serving the needs of users, adapting as lifestyles and tea traditions have changed over time. The nostalgic electric ceramic stove has a simple yet stylish purion enclosure and a high-quality glass-ceramic plate, which underwent ten years of development and testing before being launched. It is a highly recommendable product for tea enthusiasts. It’s simple, safe and easy to use, and will fill your house with the warmth of a boiling pot of tea.

The stove has a tightly sealed purion body. This material is naturally rustic, with unique fire marks generated from temperatures above 1250 degrees.

Thoughtfully designed, with a tasteful and streamlined form, great for treating guests in tea ceremonies or for teatime at home.

The high quality glass-ceramic plate is decorated with an elegantly hammer-forged golden pattern that goes well with all kinds of kettles.

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