The upper and lower parts of the inner cavity are respectively provided with temperature sensors. The oven of double temperature sensors can explore the inner cavity temperature more accurately and control the temperature more meticulously compared with the traditional configuration of single temperature sensor. At the same time, the upper layer and the lower layer of the inner cavity can be set differently in temperature to bake.
It is equipped with a 3.5 inch screen interface. At the same time, it’s loaded with 36 smart menus, of which there are 7 Chinese-style featured menus, namely grilled pork, palace walnut sweet cake, Guangdong-style moon cake, sweet heart pastry, meat moon cake, mutton chop and lamb shashlik. With Chinese tips during the whole baking process, even if a customer does not know baking, he can also bake the delicacies he wants.
With the appearance of a very modern flavor, the wide stainless steel handle panel is set off and highlighted on the surface of the clean glass, reflecting the concise and vivid texture effect. The intelligent light band well balances the locations of all key charts and responds to the interaction between the user and the equipment.

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