The upper and lower parts of the inner cavity are respectively provided with temperature sensors. On the basis of the available volume of 60 L, the oven of double temperature sensors can explore the inner cavity temperature more accurately and control the temperature more meticulously compared with the traditional configuration of single temperature sensor.
It is equipped with a 3.5 inch true color screen interface and the function of 35 degrees Celsius low temperature fermentation. At the same time, it’s loaded with 35 smart menus, of which there are 7 Chinese-style featured menus, namely grilled pork, palace walnut sweet cake, Guangdong-style moon cake, sweet heart pastry, meat moon cake, mutton chop and lamb shashlik. With Chinese tips during the whole baking process, even if a customer does not know baking, he can also bake the delicacies he wants.
With an attractive and stable appearance, it matches various kitchen appearances so well. Set off by the high-end materials of the solid texture and the high-definition LCD screen perfectly, it shows the unique humanistic care of the high-end kitchen electric brand, that is bringing the ideal kitchen of people to the reality.

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