With food-recognition, FUN is an intelligent desktop electric oven. It is easy to use with simple and stylish appearance, the real sensation of gripping on the unique whole-aluminum handle, and the sensitive 5-inch high-definition TFT touch screen with the knob operation. There is a 1080P HD wide-angle camera setting on the middle of the oven door. Users can check the cooking process through the mobile phone APP, and take pictures to share funs of cooking with their family and friends. The camera can also recognize more than 30 kinds of food ingredients. FUN would recommend the best cooking Program through the cloud menu recipes, and realize fully automatic cooking.

FUN oven has the function of deep self-learning. It could know the diet and health of users through the IoT cloud, and recommend the users the most suitable cooking dishes and methods; external temperature probe can accurately detect the temperature in the center of food and provide exact cooking results. Attached grills, bakeware, and other attachments provide different roast experience to users.

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