The new De Dietrich “Maestro” oven gains pride from its quality built around great technical mastery and ultimate craftsmanship.
The design is both an aesthetic signature and a symbol of a distinctive art-de-vivre. The metal work with the use of materials like iron and copper are honoring De Dietrich’s heritage of craftsmanship while forging its legacy of refining the raw and its French origins. The scroll wheel is directly inspired from the most reknown watchmakers and allows a greater accuracy of cooking with Chef mode.
This outstanding functionalities « Chef Mode » created by De Dietrich is a unique automatic cooking system for an ultimate precision. The oven settles the appropriate temperature, cooking mode, timing and weight through a pioneering innovative sensor. Choosing from a selection of preset menus, the cooking process can simply start on its own. Technological advancement at the service of culinary virtuosity.
Gaining pride from quality, De Dietrich’s cutting edge design transforms the cooking experience into a unique art of excellence.

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