This solution is a response to the excessive digitization of appliances and numerous rarely used functions. The Mora built-in oven is distinguished by the reduction of redundant programs and functions with the aim to offer the user easily manageable primary programs that are truly relevant to the thermal treatment of food. The pre-set combination of baking programs with suggested optimal temperature and time provides a fast, easy selection and usage. Displaying only the essential information gives a clear overview of the options and settings. The innovative user interface visually highlights and connects knobs with the integrated display into a homogeneous and Mora brand recognisable element. The image of the appliance is unobtrusive, with softened transitions of surfaces and edges of the design elements, both pleasant and emotional. Illuminated knobs enhance the program selection and match the colour with other illuminated parts. The exposure of key functions with red details helps the user to focus on important features, while visually aligning the oven with other Mora products. Materials such as large glass panels and finger touch-free inox allow easy cleaning.

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