The wine cabinet has two wine safes in which the temperatures can be set independently to the exact degree. This innovative TipOpen technology means that the UWT 1682 can be integrated perfectly into handle free kitchens. When lightly tapped, the glass door automatically opens to 7 cm, offering convenient access to enable full opening. If the door is not opened further within about three seconds the SoftSystem automatically shuts it again. Optimised refrigeration technology means that the UWT 1682 is also highly energy efficient. Dampened components, like a low vibration compressor, make the wine cabinet extremely quiet. The wine cabinet can hold up to 34 bottles and the functions are easy to operate via the MagicEye touch screen control panel. To ensure even illumination, each temperature compartment has dimmable LED lighting that can be switched on and off. LEDs generate minimal heat, which makes it possible to beautifully showcase the wines for longer. The sturdy and stable wooden storage shelves can be widely extended to provide a clear overview and give easy access to the bottles.

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