UNIVERSAL PLUS bin liners by DEISS make the use of bin liners more efficient. Especially in the “Away from Home Market”, like contract cleaning, time is a relevant factor. Time-saving is cost-saving.
The new developed bin liners are faster and easier to use comparing to conventional bin liners. They are a real plus in efficiency.
They combine 3 benefits in one product:
The innovative perforated opening of the UNIVERSAL PLUS sleeve means easily starting a new roll of bin liners at every time. The perforated opening allows for quick removal of the sleeve – a PLUS in efficiency.
The newly developed Easy Opener by DEISS allows fast and easy opening of the bin liner. When the plastic ends of the Easy Opener are twisted, the bag opens. The Easy Opener is fast and simple to manage – a PLUS in efficiency.
The UNIVERSAL PLUS bin liners stand out not only because they allow better handling, but also because a specific mix of raw materials and a special manufacturing method make this special film significantly more tear- and puncture-resistant than conventional PE-HD materials of the same thickness. The improved technical properties of the material are a PLUS in reliable performance.

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