nuapua is an innovative drinking system enhancing water with the fine flavour of nature without ANY sweetness! Meaning, no sugar and also no sweeteners! Simply said, it’s pure enjoyment for everyone valuing indulgence, design and sustainability.
The nuapua flavour capsules filled with all natural extracts are easily placed in the patented screw cap, the so called Flavorizer. That’s not just handy but even more important, it reduces up to 98% waste compared to oneway bottles. The integrated storage for 6 pcs. capsules, visible on the bottom, provides healthy hydration wherever you are and makes others curious about the ‘magic’ of this product.
The clear design and its extraordinary triangle shape is part of the corporate identy and is reflected in the bottle, the capsules and also in the logo. The special shape, together with a smooth silicone cover available in 5 trendy colors, it ensures a secure and comfortable grip.
To bring lifetimecycle and user experience to the max, for the nuapua Style Collection there are only used high end materials. The entire collection is developed and produced in and around the company’s premises. Made in Austria with Love.

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