The InductWarm® Tabletop 200, made from special steel and black ceramic glass, with its area-induction technology keeps food warm in any induction-compatible pot. The GN 1/1-sized induction field is divided into six small warming zones to enable keeping warm up to six pots with a size of GN 1/6. That way it's possible to use any pot from a size of GN 1/6 to GN 1/1 for keeping dishes warm. The main focus is placed on ease of use and compactness. Installing and using the InductWarm® Tabletop 200 could not be any easier: The Tabletop is delivered plug and play ready – no external controlling devices or power supply units are necessary. Using the integrated touch panel, you can choose one of the four temperature levels either for the whole are warming zone or for each of the six small warming zones individually. The Tabletop can be used in a voltage range from 110 to 203 V and has been certified with the international certifications CE, UL and ETL Sanitation.

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