Almost as natural as the tree.
FRUITWALL is an innovative fruit storage system which combines design and practicality with a modern minimalist style. It comprises a structure for fixing to the wall, which is easily installed with 3 screws, from which 6 shelves are suspended by a thin but durable steel cable. This design allows the space in the kitchen to be optimized, providing 3.5 square meters of usable surface.
Among other advantages, it extends the usable life of perishables by keeping each piece separate from the others so that they do not bruise or squash each other.
Besides, produce is more visible and accessible, which encourages it’s consumption.
In this way, by not getting forgotten in the fridge, wasting of fruit and vegetables is avoided, saving large amounts of money as weeks and months go by.
Finally, FRUITWALL is also an ideal system for organising your fruit and vegetables, you can arrange them according to their ripeness, see at a glance what needs adding to your shopping list, or even decide what to cook according to the available ingredients, or those which need eating first.

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