FeiBi New Handheld Heat Seal Bag Sealer has two simple functions: open and close the bag which is half eaten snacks. Its’ safe and rapid hot melting principle to seal plastic bags, can be used to seal foods for preservation. Its patented composite spin button design provides an interesting form with the plus sign as bag closure and the minus sign as bag opening. The small open design for anti-scald safety allows the hot part half hidden inside to avoid the direct touch of hands. To improve the portable safety, the spin button cannot be pushed when it is in the middle of the plus and minus signs. The originally created 3.5mm wide double-layer bag sealing realizes better sealing effect. The leather label design on the end of the product allows it to be hanged in the kitchen. The magnet on the cover of the battery enables it to be absorbed on the refrigerator and has a convenient storage.

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