BOX quarter redivides drawers and harmonizes with modern kitchen architecture and materials.

The bottom mat, accurate to size, forms the basis of the drawer. Linoleum or anti-slip mats are available. Narrow drawers (of 35, 40, 45cm) are filled in a longitudinal sense. Drawers with a width of 60cm and more are equipped from forward to backward with elements placed in a transverse sense.

The classy wooden cutlery trays are to be adapted to the length of the cutlery you want to insert. U-profiles available in different widths redivide unconspicuously  the “free space” inside the drawer. So you will obtain space for your individual use, e.g. for storing cooking utensils like stir spoons, salad servers etc.
You can further complete the drawer with a knife holder, porcelain cans and spice jars.
Only few component parts offer a lot of variable arrangements giving the kitchen drawer a well organised and clear structure.

For the tall drawers there are plate holders and tall porcelain jars available.

The material shown here: oiled teak, aluminium black anodised, linoleum- or antiskid mats.
You can choose between further materials, for example, white-pigmented or varnished oak or carbon.

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