The Birdie waste bin is a flexible recycling unit that can be assembled into customised combinations to suit different needs. Playful simplicity was the guiding principle in the design of Birdie. The product was designed to encourage the user to sort waste, be user friendly and at the same time consist of as few components as possible. The result is a consistent design, based on a simple shape, with a playful graphic expression. The main design theme has been to use the properties of the material as inspiration for creating a dynamic interaction between form & function. An example of this aim is the smooth extension of the main hatch, forming a characteristic and user-friendly handgrip. Birdie is suitable for open office landscapes as well as for kitchens or canteens. The lid prevents odor when closed and works as a splash protection in an upright position. The plastic inlet can easily be removed for cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher. The ergonomic design makes Birdie easy to empty. Any liquid is prevented from leaking out of the unit thanks to the raised rim. The graphic symbols, specially designed to suit Birdie, facilitates sorting by it’s direct and universal communication.

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