The concept of the design is to combine RO system with an advanced touch panel controller. 801 is an easy change RO system with five stages all in quick change filters. Unlike traditional RO systems in the water treatment market, 801 is a compact model with a luxury look and smart touch panel computer. There are several features for this model. First, it is very easy to change the filters by consumers themselves at home. There is no tool required while exchanging the filters. Second, there is a smart touch control panel which will auto notice filter replacing time. Third, you can always tell the water quality you are drinking now is good or bad from the touch panel screen. Fourth, there is a built-in leaking sensor inside the machine. In case of any leakage happens, the system will close water inlet automatically to avoid the kitchen getting damaged.

Drinking water is essential for human beings. 801 is a smart RO system not only for providing you clean drinking water but also monitoring the water quality for your health.

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