Vegetable spiralisers are not new to the market, however there are varying degrees of performance available. Following some significant research into functionality and use, the Zyliss design team have re-engineered the spiraliser to not only create ribbons and spirals without the need for cumbersome blade changes, but also reduces food wastage which is a performance issue for many spiralisers on the market today. The Zyliss spiraliser features a screw-in food pusher which drives food into the path of the blades. As the food pusher is turned, it gradually screws into the base unit until all the food has been spiralised or turned into ribbons. The product features a unique squeeze grip screw thread. Simply squeeze in hand to engage thread and release grip to quickly disengage the screw thread. There is no need to waste time unscrewing the unit to release the two parts. Dishwasher safe for easy clean, the Zyliss spiraliser comes with a 5 year guarantee.

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