The KÜCHENminis® breakfast series – consisting of the AromaOne® filter coffee maker, a 0,8 l kettle, an one-slice-toaster, an egg cooker and a 0,8 l compact table blender – was designed to significantly save space, power as well as valuable resources. This is what makes the breakfast series the ideal contemporary companion in modern kitchen, focusing on space efficiency as well as single to small households. The AromaOne® is worlds first single portion on demand filter coffee maker. The 0,8 liter kettle is able to efficiently boil even the smallest amount of water which makes it the ideal product for a cup of tea in between. The compact and space efficient 2-egg-cooker guarantees perfectly cooked eggs all sizes from S to XL. The one slice toaster fits even XXL size toasts despite its compact size, while the electric blender perfectly prepares Smoothies for two. Besides all the functional amenities the KÜCHENminis® breakfast series is characterized by a reduced, timeless and distinct design. Implemented in high-value brushed Cromargan®, the series seamlessly fits into the WMF-typical design language.

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