Joyoung smart cooking machine is an Internet intelligent cooking platform. It was built more than one hundred dishes in, and updated regularly to push new dishes for you. LCD has a video cooking teaching function, which can teach you how to easily cook a table of tasty and nutritious meals.
By using the APP in mobile phone and choosing “order dishes – match dishes –recipe selection – complete”, this product can provide one package service for you. After the equipment connected to the Internet,you can choose any dishes you want to eat and push them to the product wherever you are.Your family just needs to do several simple operations, and then you can enjoy the food you chose when you came back home at night.
As for people who are not good at cooking, this product provides a perfect solution. You can taste the food like a chef produces with several simpleoperations.
The application of wooden materials and crafts is perfectly integrated with modern home decoration style, and the design of pan handle and folding rotary lid fully considers the man-machine interaction and storage.
In a word, this product is just like a perfect chef in your home.

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