The Next Generation Juicer for Undiluted Solution
This juicer for undiluted solution can pull out undiluted solution of nutrients from fruits and vegetables as they are. And as the size of slot which the fruits enter is bigger than that of the original the fruits can be put in whole. Thus, without the need to trim off further, the fruits can be juiced just after being washed.
Low speed and powerful motor keep 100% of your fruit nutrients. With a high pressure and slow spinning velocity, it just can make juice without the nutrients destroyed. And because of slow rotation, it can be used quietly without noises. So it can juice the fruits more quietly with nutrients alive as they are than the existing juicers that make noises and destroy the nutrients.
From the moment the sliced fruits are put in a juicer, the nutrients of fruits are destroyed by oxidation., as the knife and fruit touch each other the nutrients are destroyed a lot more. But because in this product the fruits can be put in whole the taste keeps alive as it is naturally without the nutrients damaged.

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