The Visual kitchenwares include a versatile cover and a Bluetooth Thermometers, which are designed to replace the covers of the traditional cookwares, to allow the various factors in the cooking process to become visible and intuitive. The thermometer monitors the temperature to control the heat in the pot via the App connecting by blueteeth, and prompts the users the cooking steps with the image and sound. The helmet pot cover integrated with the thermometer can adapt various cookwares such like fry pan. stir-fry pan or stew. The modified PC integrated with glass fiber is adopted as material for pot cover, which is transparent, lightweight, strong, food grade safe and the working temperature is up to 270 celius degree. Handle lid and pot cover is shaped with two concentric arcs. With the smart design set-up of thermometer and the lid, users can get the best temperature measurement position. With visual Kitchenwares, User monitors the cooking temperature, directly observe of the changes the food through the transparent cover so that can avoid the food materials not being cooked enough causing food risks or being too much done to affect the taste and nutrition.

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