VERTU ONE is a smart cookware which makes cooking faster and upgrades the taste and nutrition. It can adjust the pressure in 3 phases to fit the features of each cooking, providing the optimal cooking to the ingredient. The function of the standing handle minimizes the water spills from the lid when the lid is stood up to use the space more efficiently. The stainless steel lid that can be used as a pot when not using the pressure increased practicability. The pot-lid also is designed to be put anywhere on the body obliquely at 360 degrees when the content is boiling. The stainless steel handle offers a soft grip and the cross-section of the handle is designed to be empty to make the handle less hot. VERTU ONE has the integrated technology of pressure in the center of the lid. The center is highlighted in a circle to emphasize the part in design. In addition, the bronze plating attracts eyes.

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