Vase Nutrition Blender, ‘Vase’ is designed in elegant shape of pottery matching tableware landscape. Its form makes a shift from electric appliance to decoration object.

When healthy diet gets personal, the power blende design becomes small yet nice. Don’t be cheated by its soft style, VASE can emulsify any toughest ingredients and present you a nice serve of healthy juice or smoothies, inside the tall jar for more people serves, or inside the sport bottle for you alone.

Its powerful 800W motor and a high 24,500 rpm can ensure refined breaking of the cell wall of the plant. The majority of Phytochemicals and other nutrients can be extracted. Let’s our body easily digest and absorb all the nutrients. If always drink the juice of rich in Phytochemicals, not only enhance anti-oxidant of human body and can also increase the immune and healing abilities.

Patent (201510581424.6) innovative technology, Intelligent Power Management System, IPMS it will continuously monitor and adjust the power automatically to maintain stable RPM in lower speed range to ensure the speed more stably.

Vase Nutrition Blender make daily healthy life for users.

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