While a toaster generally used emits heat by using a heat wire, this product where Nano technology is fused plays a role of evenly giving off heat as the heat wire is changed to a transparent glass panel. Technology of generating heat on the surface heater is a Nano fusing technology of giving off heat through a Nano particle. Technology of generating heat on the surface heater is used to essential technology, which applies Nano particle solution which is an oxide on the heat generating panel such as glass, ceramic board, treats it by heating and makes a semi-conductor which heat generates if electricity is conducted by coating Nano particle generating heat after printing an electrode so that current flows.
Technology of generating heat on the Nano surface heater is safe material harmless to a human body and more brings about the reduction effect by 45% than the existing product, and thus power consumption is reduced by a half. Some examples developing a transparent toaster exist but there is no product applying a transparent heat generating unit. We manufactured a new concept of ‘transparent toaster’ to ensure that the consumers can see that bread is toasted.

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