Conventional Steamers use stacked plastic baskets which are awkward to use, prone to flavour mixing, and contain harmful BPA. They are often slow, under powered, and lose cooking efficiency as the steam moves up through the layers.

The Steam Zone uses cookware quality Stainless Steel for all the cooking surfaces. The long tray allows steaming of whole fish while the individual baskets allow for different food types to be steamed without mixing flavours. The design also allows the use of bamboo baskets for steaming Asian dishes such as dumplings. The power of the steam is maximised by configuring the baskets in a single layer down close to the steam outlets.

The Steam Zone utilises a patent pending steam system which is capable of producing high quality steam in less than 30 seconds. It has variable steam levels meaning users can select a high steam level for cooking dense foods such as potatoes or a low steam level for cooking delicate foods such as a fish. Two different cook times can be synchronised so the whole meal is ready at the same time and the selectable Keep Warm function will hold the food at a safe temperature without overcooking.

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