The Ham holder design, inspired the beauty of modern day Formula 1 cars air intake systems, is also the most functional ham holder on the market today.  We’ve looked to the progression nature of the motor sports industry to bring beauty, functionality and ultimately the perfect cutting experience.  Continuing in the theme of modern day motor sports, we’ve developed the Ham through a fusion of abrasion resistant and aesthetically beautiful carbon fiber & aluminum materials.  Our non slip base brings stability to your kitchen for the perfect cut.  The Ham is equipped with a groove at the top of the Formula 1 inspired air intake. The design encourages fat to channel away from the hard to clean areas. With its anodized carbon fiber and aluminum composition, the Ham offers resistance to abrasive cleaners allowing your device to always look brand new. For cutting experts, the Ham’s design incorporates in a 360 degree swivel to allow for the perfect cut and without removing the ham from the holder. The Ham offers personalized plates in various shapes and materials – crystals, gold, platinum, carbon finishes and other improvement options directly from our factory.

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