This is the small-sized Supor spherical-pot rice cooker of 2L for small family use. Currently, the rice cookers of 4L-5L still dominant the Chinese market. In order to cope with the increasing small family in today’s society, we design this small-sized rice cooker of 2L. This product is currently of the smallest volume among rice cookers of 2L in the Chinese market. The small size brings the following benefits. It saves space of the kitchen and is also easy to hold. The design of dermatoglyph at the handle and the gradually varied texture on the rice cooker makes the product more delicate. With the design of the furniture style, it has good decorative function for the kitchen.
Supor original “spherical-pot” inner pot achieves all-round heating of 360 degrees, so that rice can always maintained a good taste.
Handle design with dermatoglyph– improves the comfortable feel and makes the product more delicate
Simple interface — more convenient to operate

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