The Stirio is an automatic stirrer with enough power to stir a large pot of food for up to 90 minutes and ensure that nothing gets burned. It can be used to stir anything, be it risotto, porridge or stew. The Stirio has an adjustable axle and arms, so it will fit onto a wide variety of pots. It has two stirring speeds, and is easy to clean. You can take it apart and everything but the motor can be washed in the dishwasher. Stirio stores efficiently in a drawer. The Stirio runs on an inbuilt rechargeable battery, and comes with a handy charging station. With this product you can take care of other work, or simply enjoy some time off while the Stirio takes care of your stirring, ensuring that nothing gets burned in your pot ever again.

The Stirio was designed to look and be simple to use. Its aesthetic aligns with that of a hand mixer to signal familiarity and trust.

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