STANCE is a water heating dispenser with RO water filtration. With a patented sterilizing and filtration system, the whole water flow path is sterile until dispensing. It provides users a better warm drinking water solution than boiling water.

Through its design, STANCE aims to represent the purity of water, expressing meaningful design in every single element: an immaculate white and clean body with gold details reminds users of the value of water.

To create a deeper experience, attention is not simply focused on the aesthetics. Particular consideration is paid to the consumers’ experience. Inspired by the intuitive and familiar faucet language, STANCE generates a new tactile connection with electronic devices, re-introducing physical controls to operate the machine. With a content-awareness UI, it cleverly identifies your needs and shows information only when needed.

STANCE is more than just a kitchen appliance. Not only is it a functional and high-tech product that allows users to have potable water at their favorite temperature, but it is also a piece of design that brings Kohler quality to the kitchen and a product that deserves a spotlight in your home.

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