Soma is designing a new future for one of the few things every person does every day: drink water. Soma’s minimalist, modern design symbolizes its groundbreaking approach to this industry.

Unlike most water filters which primarily use plastic, Soma has chosen materials that are natural, beautiful, and non-toxic. Housed in an elegant glass carafe, Soma’s unique sustainable filter—composed of coconut shells, silk and a plant-based casing—is completely biodegradable.

The simple and iconic form of Soma is as functional as it is aesthetically beautiful. The hourglass shape is a physical representation of the filtration process itself: reducing water to its pure essence. We’ve removed all superfluous features. For example, the carafe waistline provides an obvious touchpoint to hold and pour from, thus eliminating the need for an external handle.

Fresh filters are delivered to your door in sustainable packaging every two months to ensure your filters are changed on time so your water is always pure. For every filter purchased, Soma donates clean water to a person in need through its partnership with the nonprofit charity: water.

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