The Spirit is the latest addition to Sodastream’s line of at-home soda makers.

The spirit is an environment friendly, compact device that supports the healthy nutrition global trend by incorporating an easy-to-use user interface in a reasonably priced product.

The Spirit’s design captures the essence of iconic Soda machines from the past and inserts it to a new compact, intuitive, easy to clean machine with a significant design touch.
Restrained curves along with subtle textures on the front help create a friendly look that will compliment any type of modern day kitchen, while maintaining a memorable character.

One of the main achievements of the product is the unique mono-block structure that enables the reduction of mechanical parts by 80% compared to previous models. It helps making the Spirit accessible to a variety of markets, keeping hydration interesting and fun.

The Spirit turns water into sparkling water in seconds with the Snap&Lock mechanism that ensures that regardless of the user’s previous experience in Soda home-making, the making of the Soda drink, flavored or non-flavored, will be intuitive and simple.

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