Citrus fruits are a great source of concentrated energy to help dealing with stress, fatigue, and seasonal changes.
Drinking freshly squeezed juice is a real pick-me-up thanks to its abundant supply of vitamins which activate our immune defences and help fighting aging.
Enjoy the pleasure of a fresh and healthy juice alone or in company.
Lid – Tritan™ cover to protect from dust when the product is not in use. Can be used as a bowl
for fruit and peel
Universal and Premium reamer and strainer
Stainless steel and anti-corrosive components ensure complete squeezing form both small
and large fruit.
Premium Juicing Bowl
Made in TritanTM: BPA-free, impact resistant, easy to remove.
70W Motor & Automatic On/Off
Powerful 70W motor with built-in sensor: the juicing process starts once there’s pressure on
the reamer, for an easy and no-efforts use.
Anti-drip spout
The stainless steel spout dispensed the juice directly into the glass or cup. Lift up to interrupt
the flow and prevent dripping.

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